Your Questions


What happens after a reservation validation ?

After booking, the necessary information provided is sent to our e-mail address. On the basis of this information, we will follow the necessary regulations. In case of bad internet connection or false entries, we can not be held responsible for service errors. It is a good idea to check the details of the booking before your departure and to inform us as soon as possible if mistakes have been made.

Are there baggage restrictions ?

Having bulky luggage in the vehicle hinders your comfort and may damage your property. It is strongly recommended that each person wear a standard size suitcase and small carry-on baggage. In case of excess baggage (large suitcases, golf clubs, wheelchairs, skis, strollers, etc.), you must inform us when booking as additional fees may apply. If this is not the case, an additional vehicle may be required for excess baggage and charges may apply.

What happens in case of delayed flight ?

Chauffeur-privé Pick you up at the check-in time based on the correct number of flights provided when you purchase the tickets. So do not worry about flight delays.

How to proceed if I travel in a wheelchair ?

If you travel in a wheelchair, whether foldable or not, please specify before booking, to check if we can provide you with a suitable vehicle. If you do not warn us, an additional vehicle may be required to transport the wheelchair and may incur additional charges.